Giddy Up Glamour

Assorted Fun Koozies

$ 6.95


First Row from Right to Left:

K1: "Im that I like getting drunk on porches"

K2: "There is nothing Tequila and Hairspray can't fix"

K3: "Let's Get White Girl Wasted"

K4: "If you're in love with a Texas Girl raise your beer. If not raise your standards"

K5: "If you don't like rhinstones you can't be my friend"

K6: "There is nothing Vodka & Mascara can't fix"

K7: "Good Times & Tan Lines"

K8: "There is nothing Whiskey & Rhinestones can't fix"

Row Two Right to Left:

K9: "There is nothing Beer & Glitter can't fix"

K10: "Drink til he's cute"

K11: "I Don't Know What To Do With My Life, But I Like Beer"

K12: "On Permanent Vacation"--Lime Koozie

K15: "Blue Jean Honky Tonk Queen"

K16: "I Love Shoes, Booze & Boys with Tattoos" 

K19: "Kick up your fins, drink like a fish"

K20: "We take to makin' trouble, like some women take to makin' biscuits"


First Row from Right to Left:

K21: "If you don't like rhinestones, you can't be my friend" ---Hot Pink

K22: "Miss Trailer Park-Third Runner Up Consolation Prize"

K23: "Eat Drink and be Flippin' Merry"

K24: "Quit Playing with your Dinghy"

K25: "Be a deer, Buy me a Beer"

K26: "Drinking Responsibly Means Don't Spill It"

K27: " Hello Im Fabulous"---Hot Pink

Row Two from Right to Left:

K28: " Hello Im Fabulous"---Orange

K29: "Hello Im Fabulous"---Lime Green

K30: "Hello Im Drunk"---Hot Pink

K31: "Hello Im Drunk"---Lime Green

K32: "Stop Bitchin, Start Fishin"

K33: "There's nothing, Bait & Bullets can't fix"


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